NEW! Courses in 2021 through Hokkaido Summer Institute!

This year, we will be participating in Hokkaido Summer Institute. We will host 5 international researchers (From New Zealand, Canada, and the United States), and professional educators for the following courses:

*Marine Pathology and Invertebrate Zoology have laboratories that are related to the lecture, it is not required to take both, but if you wish to take the lecture and laboratory, you need to register for both separately.

Have questions regarding these specific courses? Email: wakeman.k@oia.hokudai.ac.jp

Regular Course Work

My normal teaching duties include Biodiversity I, II, III. Each of these courses runs a complete term, and covers topics in phylogenetics and evolution, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, botany, phycology (algae), and ecology.

Special and Intensive Courses, and Hokkaido Summer Institute

Each year, I also participate in specially-offered courses, as well as the Hokkaido Summer Institute. These courses are unique because they allow for a bit more freedom, and provide students with a unique hands-on experience. In the past, we have done seminar courses, and well as lab-intensive courses focusing on aspects of marine pathology and marine invertebrate zoology. The latter courses are done together with visiting researchers from New Zealand and Canada, respectively.

Hokkaido University
Email: wakeman.k@oia.hokudai.ac.jp
Tel: +81 11 706 7241

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